K&K Photography is about family + love. We live for real moments,
emotion, fun and capturing it all in our fresh and light-hearted style.
Jeff is the Owner and Founding Photographer for K&K Photography. He grew up in Omaha, NE and at the age of 15 met and started dating his wife Ana, and the rest is history as they say. ;)

Photography influenced Jeff from a young age, which made visual arts a natural fit when the time eventually came. Between semesters for his pre-med studies at Portland State University and looking for a break from the books, he discovered his passion for the art of picture making and he never looked back.

Jeff considers himself a true people-person and recognizes the importance of keeping the environment light, fun and on-point in the interest of capturing truly real moments for his clients.
I'm Mandee, from North Florida. I'm married to the love of my life, Chad who is active duty in the United States Navy as a Rescue Swimmer. We have four beautiful children!

Growing up I never imagined I would be a wedding photographer but looking back, I couldn't imagine doing anything else! I stumbled across photography when I had my son 12 years ago and started to learn, just because I wanted to take some good pictures of him. I didn't know that I was going to fall in love with it and be able to do this for a living though!
Hi, I'm Eddy and I love being a portrait and wedding photographer!

You demand a superb client experience, and I am 100% committed to delivering it. I feel a strong sense of loyalty to anyone in front of my camera. I’m all about being helpful in any way. Does a vendor need help lighting candles in the reception? I’m there. Is the groom having trouble with a boutonniere? I got you. Need a location for engagement photos? How about a deep dive of all my favorites.

And finally, humor is my thing! I enjoyed being a bit of a class clown in high school and I love to crack jokes with my couples to make sure we’re all loose. To me, a little bit of humor goes a long way toward making your day that much better.
Courtney is a truly gifted photographer who has been a member of the K&K Family for many years. She is incredibly fun and oh-so organized, and she loves knowing that every detail of your photography timeline is in place before the big day rolls around.

Courtney is also our Studio Manager and Publications Manager so you will likely interact with her through your course of working with us, either discussing which publication we are looking at getting your wedding published in or when to expect your beautiful wedding album to arrive at your home. We think you'll agree that life is just better with Courtney, she's amazing!
Jennifer is a born talent behind the lens, making her subjects feel immediately at ease by virtue
of her many years of experience as a professional photographer. But add to that her charisma,
her infectious smile, her passion for raw documentation, and you have what we so proudly
offer to our many, many couples - a truly gifted combination of personality and passion.

Jennifer is uniquely personable and a truly giving person, and over years of diligent work
and broad experience she has plied her craft and become the consummate documentarian of love
and laughter. We are beyond honored to call her our own.
We are so happy to have Meridith on our team! Photography has been a driving passion for her for many years and some time ago we began following her work online and knew that we needed to have her on our team. :) Fortunately the feeling was mutual so now so many of our couples get to benefit from her incredible skills nearly every weekend!

Meridith also lends her skills to keeping our blog updated with all of the beautiful and special events that we are so honored to capture and take part in. So be sure to pop over to our blog (click the link in the menu above) to see more of what she's been up to there lately!