K&K Photography is about family + love. We live for real moments,
emotion, fun and capturing it all in our fresh and light-hearted style.
Jeff is the Owner and Founding Photographer for K&K Photography. He grew up in Omaha, NE and at the age of 15 met and started dating Ana (see below) and well, the rest is history as they say. ;)

Photography influenced Jeff from a young age, which made visual arts a natural fit when the time eventually came. Between semesters for his pre-med studies at Portland State University and looking for a break from the books, he discovered his passion for the art of picture making and he never looked back.

Jeff considers himself a true people-person and recognizes the importance of keeping the environment light, fun and on-point in the interest of capturing truly real moments for his clients.
Ana is Jeff's lovely and über-talented wife and is the co-Owner of K&K Photography. Having recently passed off her more major day-to-day duties at the studio as Studio Manager (see Courtney below) and Reservations Specialist (see Cornelia below), Ana is now able to busily manage exciting projects from home.

These most recently include writing and photographing a series of very popular kid-approved organic cookbooks (starring our three lovely and rambunctious kiddos) and pursuing her on-going passion for studying and improving the state of children's education for our family and others'. For a peek at Ana's world and her beautiful styled (albeit messily kid-friendly) food shoots, follow her on Instagram at @songsinthepines.
Courtney is our Studio Manager and our Publications Manager, and she is the head of our Albums/Print Product department. If K&K Photography were a machine, Courtney would be the oil. :)

She manages the majority of our regular client and vendor correspondence, ensures image gallery links are available to all of our wonderful clients and vendors, manages the design and production of all gorgeous wedding and parent albums, and in her "free time" she liaises with dozens of magazine and blog editors to get our clients' images published far and wide for all to see!

Contact Courtney to check on the status of order delivery, product fulfillment, schedule an already-booked photo session or, if you're a vendor at an event we've photographed, to have a link of our images sent to you. She is great at answering all of those miscellaneous questions and is right at the top of our list of very favorite people on this planet. :)
Cornelia is the perfect balance of fun & friendly and collected & organized, so she regularly makes our clients wedding days a breeze. Born and raised in Germany, she got the itch to live in The States early so she moved to Florida for college and never looked back. She's now one of our most booked lead photographers and has worked hard to earn those bragging rights. :)

Cornelia is also our Reservations Specialist and likely the first person you will speak with and hear back from when inquiring about our availability for your wedding date. What can we say, she's amazing and multi-talented and we're so proud to have her on our team!
Emily is an incredible artist with a particularly keen eye for detail and for capturing her images exactly as she sees them in her mind. She has seen many years of experience with us here at K&K and we're honored to have her now as one of our very own, rounding out our talented team of artists and providing just the right combination of professional artistry with her always-present, natural, easy-going attitude.
Jennifer is a born talent behind the lens, making her subjects feel immediately at ease by virtue
of her many years of experience as a professional photographer. But add to that her charisma,
her infectious smile, her passion for raw documentation, and you have what we so proudly
offer to our many, many couples - a truly gifted combination of personality and passion.

Jennifer is uniquely personable and a truly giving person, and over years of diligent work
and broad experience she has plied her craft and become the consummate documentarian of love
and laughter. We are beyond honored to call her our own.
Amy is not only an incredible photographer and a very skilled visual artist, she is also the perfect mix of professional and fun-loving that so many of our wonderful couples rave about and ask for on their special day. She is behind the scenes and unobtrusive when you need her to be (for those beautiful candid moments) and she's right there with you, ready to take charge for those snap and pop moments when things just need to move along. We're proud to have her among us, and not just for her illuminating smile and her positive attitude. :)
We're so proud to have a retouching artist as talented as Lindsay on our team, and we truly owe so much of the praise from our many wonderful clients to her incredible artistry (aka "wizardry") on the computer. ;)

She's absolutely beautiful on the inside and the outside--we couldn't be more lucky to have her on our crew, we love you Linds!